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These calculators are not toys. They are the real deal.

Here you'll find dozens of financial calculators that are easy-to-use yet flexible and, most importantly, accurate. Unlike many other online calculators, the ones here are date sensitive, and many even support changes to interest rates, amounts, and date sequences. While other websites offer you "estimates," the below calculators will provide you with accurate results. They are not toys; they are the real deal.

The Ultimate Financial Calculator is the calculator you should be using, for example, if you need to model complex cash flows; perform analytics (PV, ROR, etc.) on a cash flow; or calculate a loan payoff or investment balance as of a specific date. Here are 25 calculation tutorials to get you started. The other calculators give you somewhat less control over dates and rates in exchange for ease and speed of use.

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Can't find what you need? Tell us your requirements in the comments below. We'll be happy to make a recommendation.

Can't find what you need? Tell us your requirements in the comments below. We'll be happy to make a recommendation.

Can't find what you need? Tell us your requirements in the comments below. We'll be happy to make a recommendation.

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  • says:

    Hi, thanks for your plugin, i have install de FC Mortgage Calculator and i have a problems:
    * How can i choose a currency for default?? that always use €.
    * How can i translate all th text to spanish??? now i am tranlating in code.
    * I haven´t an seccion of plugin in my dashboard, is normally?

    • If you don’t mind making an edit, to the source code, you (the website owner) can change the currency. Here’s how to do it:

      In the plugin folder, there is a js folder. Should be here with default install:


      find this file:


      With a plain text editor, such as notepad open it up and search for this text:


      Should be around row 7. Change the “$” to whatever you need as the example below. Save, and refresh the webpage


      If you want the € on the right, replace ccy_r instead.

      This will change the plugin’s default for you

      The downside with this hack is, no one visiting the page will be able to set the currency to “$”. Or at least I don’t think they will be able to. I didn’t actually test that.

      Hope this works for you.

      I’m not sure about your other two questions. To translate, you have to translate in the code.

      I don’t understand the 3rd question.

  • Do you have a calculator for cap rate? I went through all the lists but didn’t see anything specific. It may be called something different.

    • Could you give me an example? Are you talking about an adjustable rate loan can you want to calculate the maximum (cap) interest rate? If so, a generic calculator isn’t going to do that for you. It would have to have the specific contract details to be able to calculate a max. interest rate.

  • Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I need a simple calculator to prepare loan amortisation schedules.
    Should I buy the Cvalue or Solve IT?

    Also once I purchase it for $ 50 or $ 60, is this a one off payment and do I need to pay a monthly or annual licence fee?


  • Trying to amend Currency and Date to Euro/European however the More drop down link to same doesn’t work AND there is no Save Changes button if I follow the suggestion to right click at the bottom of a Calculator.

    • You don’t right click on the bottom right of the calculator. If it says that somewhere, sorry but that’s an error. (Do you recall where you read that? I want to fix it.)

      You simply left click on the $ : MM/DD/YYYY and the options will open. (I’ll have to fix the "More" too I see. Thanks for letting me know. I moved the site to a new host 2 weeks ago, and some things broke.)

      • Hi Karl and thanks for your quick response.

        Click on the Online Calculators tab above and this will open a page titled “Online Financial Calculators” – the reference to right clicking to change currency and date is at the end of the very first Paragraph on this page.

        Left clicking on currency/date DOESN’T WORK as there is no “Save Changes” button to click on in the dialogue box which opens up so appreciate if you could look at this again and respond.

        Like to Calculators, keep up the good work.

        • Hi Tony, no problem. My pleasure.

          I think you might be skimming. 🙂 The last sentence of that paragraph does not say to right click. It says where to click is in the lower right corner.

          "Click on $ : MM/DD/YYYY in the lower right corner of any calculator. You’ll only need to make the selection once."

          Regardless, you say you left click and the dialog opens and there’s not a "Save changes" in the bottom right corner of the dialogue? Is the dialogue longer than your browser window? What browser are you using? Desktop? Mobile? I need to test more.

          If you use the menu item to set currency under "More" at the top of any page, I see that it does not work with Microsoft browsers but does work with Chrome.

          • Hi Karl – I’m using Chrome but also have Microsoft Edge installed on my brand new HP Pro-book Laptop and confirm the Dialogue box isn’t showing me any “Save Changes” button on either.

            Confirm also that the More drop down Option to change Currency / Date isn’t working on either Browser for me . . . . . . So looks like more testing needed.

            Correct on the skimming!

            Regards, T

          • Tony, thanks for sending me the screenshot.

            For those following along, the problem with the buttons not showing was fixed by reducing the browser’s magnification setting from 150% to 120%.


    Very helpful insightful and automatically gives you the best aspects on your money management.

  • I feel like this is such a simple question, but I can’t figure it out. I’m trying to use the Loan Payoff Calculator to track a personal loan I made to a friend and this calculator is great because it allows me to put in additional principal payments that are made and change any variables so easily.

    My simple question: I don’t see a download or buy button for this product so maybe it’s use isn’t charged, but I also don’t see a way to save my info to come back to the calculator and use it again and again. I’m sure I’m missing something so simple. . .


    • The loan payoff calculator does not offer the user a save feature.

      What I can offer you is C-Value for Windows. It works like the above calculator, but, as the name indicates, you install it and run it on a Windows computer. That this program, you can save the data to disk for later use. The price is $49.95. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Hi:

    Very helpful website, thanks for all the useful calculators!

    I am wondering if someone built a calculator that can figure out the breakeven point when it makes sense to cash savings bonds and buy CDs instead. It would have to take into account quite a few variables one would have to enter such as tax rate for federal, state as applicable, interest rate, period for investing, amount invested, interest earned on bonds to pay taxes on, etc. While it might not be a perfect calculation, it would help decision making and would allow playing what-ifs. Thanks.

    • Hi Sue, thank you. I’m glad you find the site useful.

      As to your specific idea, I don’t have such a calculator. I would mind adding one though (but I have about 4 new ones in the works). I guess the issue for me is I’ll have to study the tax implication of cashing in a savings bond.

      The Investment Calculator, on this site does allow one to buy and sell investments. I also allows for taxes on either interest/gain or withdrawal (as in withdrawal from IRA). Though not designed for your specific request, does it get you close?

  • Thanks for the quick reply, Karl. Not close enough, but maybe it would be a good starting base for for the one I am trying to find. As far as I know, savings bonds are fully taxable at the federal level, but tax-exempt at the state and local level. Interest income from savings bonds is subject to federal estate, gift and excise taxes as well as any state estate or inheritance taxes. However, I know only superficially about taxes. I would love to learn when maybe this savings bond vs. CD calculator will be available. Thanks.

    • No problem, Sue. I have no idea when a calculator would be available. I’m not sure I even understand the problem yet. As I mentioned, I have to educate myself, and at this stage, that could take some time! 🙂

  • I used Enterprise Amortization for years, but they no longer have a company. I am looking for and amortization table that will allow me to change payment amounts and recalculate interest for multiple loans. Do you have one that would fit?

    • I believe so. Please try this online loan payoff calculator for starters. If this meets your needs, then C-Value! is the solution for you (assuming you want to install the calculator on a Windows computer). C-Value will allow you to track any number of loans. Each loan is stored in its own file.

  • Kathy Piechura says:

    I have a land contract (I’m the seller). The contract states that if they miss a payment or are late I can assess a $200 late fee. This has happened several times, but I cannot figure out how to adjust the amortization schedule . The buyer seems hasn’t been able to catch up and each month the $200 is assessed.

    • First, sorry for the tardy reply. I have been focus on building a new calculator and got side tracked for a few days.

      Have you tried this calculator for calculating loan balances? There’s a "feed" option that permits you to add any amount to the loan on any date.

      If this doesn’t work for you (or if it does!) please let me know and I promise I’ll reply sooner.

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