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  • Hi. I have owned a copy of CValue! for a few years, paid for by my firm. I am leaving my firm and need to set up my successors with the program. They will need to buy 2 licenses. It is not clear to me if the UFC has a download so it can be run locally, with all loan files saved on the company network. The loan amortizations need to be recalculated when there is a deferral, which is nearly every quarter at this point. Without saved files with the previous cash flows, there will be much more work to re-enter. Please let me know how the new versions work.

    • The Ultimate Financial Calculator (UFC) replaces C-Value!.

      They can purchase subscriptions to UFC here.

      UFC will read the files created by C-Value. You can try loading your files by going to the UFC link above and dragging the files off the network share to the box below the calculator.

      If you have any issues, please let me know.

      • Thank you for the quick response. I have been testing the UFC and it has many useful features/improvements. One issue and one question:
        1/When I try to create the Schedule, it often does not do anything. Charts always works (so it’s not a pop-up issue), but Schedule only occasionally works. I tried refreshing, tried ctrl+R as you suggest elsewhere. But no luck. Any ideas?
        2/Is there a way to export the UFC Schedule to Excel once created? We need this for further work with all internal loans. Or is this only possible with the older CValue!?

        • I’m not sure why you would not always be able to create a schedule. You certainly should be. One thing to check is to see if when you can’t create a schedule there is an information or error message in a box below the calculator that might be helpful. Also, is this problem repeatable? That is, is there a particular loan that you can not get to work? Can you send me the loan details saved to a file so I can take a look? (Remove personal identifying information of course.)

          The UFC, as you have discovered does not export to Excel. However, I plan to add that feature. Can you tell me how you use it the Excel exports. Are you just interested in only the data being exported, or do you need the export to be nicely formatted (color borders etc.)?

          • The Schedule problem seems kind of random. I’ll email a file for you to see. It usually works the first time, but not if I close the schedule and try again (with or without changing something in the cash flows). I’ll see if I can find a pattern.

            The Excel schedule from CValue was fine–We absolutely do not need anything fancy with color borders, etc. This is all internal work and we can format for ourselves. In fact, in some ways, plainer is better because we usually copy/paste into another Excel workbook that rolls up all the loans. Even a .CSV file could work, though having the table at the top with the specified cash flows is nice and CSV might not do that well. While I’m thinking about this, having the option in UFC schedules to leave out the annual and running totals would be nice, too. This was possible in CValue and useful depending on the ultimate use of the data.

            Thanks so much for taking these requests and for the product!

          • >>While I’m thinking about this, having the option in UFC schedules to leave out the annual and running totals would be nice, too. This was possible in CValue and useful depending on the ultimate use of the data.

            Good idea! I guess I missed porting that ability over to the online version.

          • Nancy, if anyone runs into the issue of not being able to calculate, please try this. Click on the "Expand" button (and then if they want to the "Collapse" button).

            I think what is happening if the series dates overlap between two rows, the calculator does not calculate. What I mean by this is if in row three, for example, the start date is October 1, 2023 and the end date for the series is April 1, 2024, and then the initial date for the series in row four is say January 15, 2024 the two rows have an over lapping date series. This is not a problem, but the rows need to be expanded so the cash flow is sorted correctly. I’ll have the calculator do this automatically in the future.

            Please let me know if you think this is what you are running into.

          • Thought you might like to know that I’ve added the ability to export the schedules to Excel/xlsx files to the online Ultimate Financial Calculator (the C-Value! replacement).

            Click on "Schedule" and then "Continue" past the title page options.

            On the export dialog, where the user enters the file name, there is also a checkbox option to "Exclude subtotals" from the Excel file.

            Hope this is useful for your team.

  • I want a loan schedule that I can fill in with , , , , . and have it print all and break down the principle and interest every month, I have been looking for two days.

  • Hi! I am looking for a loan calculator where there is a deferred payment of a year from the date of the loan but interest is computed from the date of the loan and then payment is spread-out for the term of the loan.

    • It sounds as if this loan calculator will do what you want.

      On the options tab, you’ll have the ability to set the loan date followed by the first payment date one year later.

      The default is for the remaining payments to be one month apart, but this too can be changed by changing the payment frequency.

      Note also, there are different way the long period interest can be collected. Set the "Long Period Options" as needed.

      Let me know if I’ve missed anything and how you make out.

  • anng@saint-marks.org says:

    need to generate Truth in Lending Disclosure information

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