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link to translation
adjustable-rate-mortgage-calculatoradjustable rate mortgage calculator1390Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator [Rate Change on Any Day]An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) calculator that supports interest rate changes on any date. Calculate new payment amounts and create an amortization schedule.
affordable-house-calculatoraffordable house calculator89How Much House Can I Afford? | Affordable House CalculatorAffordable house calculator answers "How much can I spend for a house?". Takes into account income, real estate taxes, maintenance & loan payments
amortization-scheduleamortization schedule105Amortization Schedule | Create Accurate Payment SchedulesEasily create a printable amortization schedule with dates & subtotals. Calculate unknown payment, loan amount, rate, or term. Pick from 11 payment frequencies.
annuity-matrixannuity matrix115Annuity Matrix CalculatorAnnuity matrix calculator shows range of possible withdrawal amounts or range of initial investment amounts for varying interest rates and investment terms.
annuity-scheduleannuity schedule101Annuity Schedule CalculatorAnnuity payout calculator creates a schedule showing how long your money will last with regular withdrawals. Solves for one of four unknowns.
APR-calculatorAPR calculator765APR Calculator | Truth-in-Lending Act Disclosure StatementsAnnual Percentage Rate calculator compliant with US Truth-in-Lending Act. Calculate APR. Print APR disclosure statements. Confirmed with all examples from TILA.
APY-calculatorAPY calculator769APY CalculatorAPY calculator.
auto-loan-calculatorauto loan calculator59Auto Loan Calculator | Car Loan Calculator | Not a ToyEasy to use auto loan calculator and printable payment schedule. Optionally considers taxes, amount down, trade-in, maintenance, and extra payments. APR calculation.
auto-loan-calculator-with-extra-paymentsauto loan calculator with extra payments4107Auto Loan Calculator with Extra PaymentsThis auto loan calculator supports a lump-sum or multiple extra payments. Calculates how much you save and creates a payment schedule. Calculates payment too.
balloon-payment-calculatorballoon payment calculator61Balloon Loan Calculator | Single or Multiple Extra PaymentsBalloon payment calculator solves for any of five unknowns including balloon payment amount. With printable amortization schedule and option for extra payments.
biweekly-payment-calculatorbiweekly payment calculator63Biweekly Mortgage Calculator | How Much Will You Save?Biweekly vs monthly mortgage calculator calculates interest saved. Compares two loans in one printable amortization schedule. Support extra payments too.
bond-calculatorbond calculator777Bond Calculator | Calculates Price or YieldBond price and yield-to-maturity calculator. Calculate accrued interest, coupon interest, duration, and total trade amount. Supports callable bonds.
break-even-calculatorbreak even calculator2393Break-Even Point Calculator | Break-Even AnalysisEasily calculate your break-even point (BEP). Also calculates fixed, variable, and component costs as a percentage of sales. For service or product-based businesses.
bridge-loan-calculatorbridge loan calculator65Bridge Loan CalculatorA bridge loan helps you buy one property while financing another. Calculate if a bridge loan is needed and, the payment amount. Create bridge loan schedule.
budget-calculatorbudget calculator77Budget Calculator | Personal BudgetingMonthly budget calculator shows allocation of expenses to income.
buy-or-rent-housebuy or rent house4099Should I Buy or Rent a House? | CalculatorThis calculator compares the cost of purchasing vs renting. It will calculate a mortgage payment and prepare a detailed rent vs buy printable schedule.
Canadian-loan-calculatorCanadian loan calculator184Canadian Loan CalculatorCanadian loan calculator with printable payment schedule and charts. Calculate payment, loan amount, interest rate or term per Canadian conventions.
compound-interest-calculatorcompound interest calculator91Compound Interest Calculator & APY CalculatorCompound interest calculator for future value and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) calculations between user-specified exact dates. 13 compounding frequencies.
construction-loan-calculatorconstruction loan calculator1388Accurate Construction Loan Calculator [Irregular Borrows]Use this construction loan calculator for multiple, irregular borrows and exact date interest-only or P&I payments. Step-by-step tutorial shows you how to use.
date-calculatordate calculator759Date Calculator | Calendar Calculator | Date MathDate calculator calculates a date by adding or subtracting days, weeks, months or years. Or it calculates days, weeks, months and years between two dates.
debt-calculatordebt calculator775Debt Calculator | DYI Debt Payoff & Consolidation TestingLower your debt charges. This multiple loan debt calculator creates a date accurate schedule for up to 25 debts to give you a step-by-step plan for paying off or consolidating debts. Test 5 debt reduction strategies including Debt Snowball & Debt Avalanche. Calculate debt to income ratio and future investment return
debt-reduction-calculatordebt reduction calculator1584Debt Reduction Calculator [Create a Debt Payoff Plan]How long will it take to payoff debts? This multiple debt payoff calculator tests 5 debt payoff methods to tell you, including debt snowball & debt avalanche.
extra-payment-calculatorextra payment calculator67Extra Payment Calculator | Is It the Right Thing to Do?Extra payment calculator with payment schedule calculates interest savings due to one lump sum or multiple extra payments. Also answers, is it better to invest?
fixed-principal-payment-calculatorfixed principal payment calculator180Fixed Principal Loan Payment CalculatorFixed principal loan calculator with printable payment schedule and charts. Pay a fixed principal amount each payment and save. Payments decline month to month.
front-pagefront page994Financial Calculators | These calculators are not toysFree financial calculators for when you need accurate results - not estimates. Adjust amounts, dates, and interest rates as needed. Create printable schedules.
future-value-calculatorfuture value calculator93Future Value Calculator | FV CalculatorFuture value calculator calculates FV of a single amount for exact number of days. 13 compounding options. These calculators are not toys.
future-value-matrixfuture value matrix113Future Value Matrix | FV MatrixFuture value matrix calculator creates a range of possible future values or necessary regular investments for varying interest rates with a varying number of cash flows.
future-value-of-an-annuity-calculatorfuture value of an annuity calculator1401Future Value of an Annuity Calculator | FV of an InvestmentFuture value calculator calculates the FV from an optional initial amount and periodic investments. Create a printable schedule with dates. 13 frequency options.
historical-investment-calculatorhistorical investment calculator1695Historical Investment Calculator | AccurateCalculators.comCalculate and compare return-on-investment using 14 stock, bond, real estate & commodity indices. Single or multiple investments. Option to adjust for inflation.
inflation-calculatorinflation calculator653Inflation Calculator | Optionally Use Included US CPI IndexDon't think 2% inflation impacts planning? Think again. Inflation calculations using historical inflation rates or calculate impact using a projected rate.
interest-calculatorinterest calculator1534Interest Calculator [Simple Interest and Compound Interest]An interest calculator for any interest calculation - exact date accuracy. Select simple interest or from 12 compounding periods including daily and continuous.
interest-only-loan-calculatorinterest-only loan calculator182Interest-Only Loan CalculatorInterest-only loan payment calculator solve for payment, amount borrowed or interest rate. Show or print loan payment schedule and charts. These calculators are not toys.
investment-calculatorinvestment calculator659Accurate Investment Calculator | Income CalculatorInvestment calculator solves for multiple unknowns and creates printable investment and income schedules. Optionally considers inflation, taxes, and fees.
irr-calculatorirr calculator109IRR Calculator | Internal Rate of Return with Dates plus NPVThis IRR calculator calculates an annualized rate-of-return plus profit (loss). Supports exact date cash flows, easy bulk data entry, saving, and printing.
lease-vs-buy-calculatorlease vs buy calculator848Lease vs. Buy Calculator | For Auto, Land or Other AssetsMake the lease vs buy decision easy. For either personal or business use. Considers taxes and depreciation. Features plain text results and cash flow details.
loan-calculatorloan calculator27Loan Calculator That Creates Date Accurate Payment SchedulesA loan calculator that easily calculates the payment amount (or term, interest rate, or the amount you can borrow). Support for extra payments. Features galore.
loan-matrixloan matrix117Loan Matrix CalculatorLoan matrix calculator shows range of possible loan amounts or range of periodic payments for varying interest rates and a varying number of payments. Free support.
loan-payoff-calculatorloan payoff calculator1392Loan Payoff Calculator | Printable Payment ScheduleCalculate exact loan payoff amounts. This loan payoff calculator tracks payments on any date paid. Supports missed and extra payments. Audit loans in progress.
macrs-depreciation-calculatormacrs depreciation calculator649MACRS Depreciation Calculator | IRS Publication 946Free MACRS depreciation calculator with schedules. Adheres to IRS Pub. 946 rules. Supports Qualified property, vehicle maximums, 100 percent bonus, and safe harbor rules.
markup-and-discount-calculatormarkup and discount calculator79Markup Calculator and Discount CalculatorIn one easy-to-use calculator you'll find a percent increase calculator, percent change calculator, and percent off calculator. Calculates three of five values.
mirr-calculatormirr calculator735MIRR Calculator | Modified Internal Rate of ReturnThe modified internal rate of return calculation is a variation on the IRR calculation. The MIRR allows the user to set a reinvestment rate or return.
mortgage-calculatormortgage calculator69Mortgage Calculator with Down Payment, Dates, and PointsThe Accurate Mortgage Calculator calculates mortgage payment, amount, term, down payment, or interest rate & creates payment plan with dates, points, and more.
mortgage calculator with amortizationmortgage calculator with amortization4103Mortgage Calculator with Amortization Schedule [Printable]This mortgage calculator creates professional-looking amortization schedules. Print from any device. Creates PDF files. For normal and negative amortization.
mortgage calculator with balloonmortgage calculator with balloon4101Mortgage Calculator with Balloon | AccurateCalculators.comUse this mortgage calculator for a loan with a balloon payment provision. Calculate any of 5 unknowns including regular payment amount or final balloon payment.
mortgage calculator with extra paymentsmortgage calculator with extra payments4071Mortgage Calculator with Extra Payments [Payment Schedule]This mortgage calculator with extra payments will calculate how fast you'll pay off a mortgage and how much you'll save. Creates a detailed payment schedule.
mortgage calculator with taxes and pmimortgage calculator with taxes pmi4105Mortgage Calculator with Taxes, Insurance, and PMIA mortgage calculator that optionally accounts for property taxes, property insurance, and PMI (private mortgage insurance). Creates detailed payment schedule.
national-debt-calculatornational debt calculator643US National Debt Calculator | Bond AmortizationAmortize current US National Debt 2 ways - entire debt or by your household share. Yikes! Normal or interest-only amortization. Print payment schedule & graphs.
net-present-value-calculatornet present value calculator701Net Present Value Calculator | NPV & IRR CalculatorUse this NPV calculator to evaluate regular or irregular cash flows for investment suitability. Calculates IRR too. Easy data entry with cash flow duplication.
net-worth-calculatornet worth calculator81Net Worth CalculatorNet worth calculator gives you insight into your financial health. Required for some loan applications and frequently used by lawyers practicing family law. Free support.
online-calculatorsonline calculators129Online Calculators | Your Questions Accepted & AnsweredDozens of free online calculators. Each calculator solves for several unknowns with exact date accuracy. Many create financial schedules and charts. A Q&A site.
options-calculatoroptions calculator3055Option Price Calculator | American or European OptionsCalculate option prices using either a Black-Scholes or the Binomial Tree model. Will automatically calculates historical volatility from market data.
payment-calculatorpayment calculator186Payment Amount Calculator | One of Several Loan CalculatorsLoan payment calculator solves for several unknowns in addition to payment. Creates schedule with dates and charts. Particularly well suited for mobile devices.
percent-calculatorspercent calculators83Percentage Calculators | Percents, Ratios and FractionsHow do you find percentage? These online percentage calculators are used for calculating percent increase/decrease and percentage of calculations.
present-value-calculatorpresent value calculator97Present Value Calculator (PV) | Useful for Legal SettlementsPresent value calculator calculates the PV of a single amount. See PV of an annuity calculator for cash flow calculations. Calculate PV for legal settlements.
present-value-of-an-annuity-calculatorpresent value of an annuity calculator95Present Value of an Annuity Calculator [date flexibility]Calculate present value (PV) of any future cash flow. Supports dates, simple interest and multiple frequencies. Supports either ordinary annuity or annuity due.
present-value-of-annuity-calculatorpresent value of annuity calculator1592Present Value of an Annuity Calculator [date flexibility]"Present value of an annuity" is finance jargon meaning present value with a cash flow. The cash flow may be an investment, payment or savings cash flow.
refinance-calculatorrefinance calculator773Refinance Calculator | Is it worth it to refinance?This refinancing calculator will tell you exactly how much you'll save if you refinance a loan or mortgage plus how much you'll earn if you invest the savings.
remaining-balance-calculatorremaining balance calculator71Remaining Balance Calculator | AccurateCalculators.comCalculate a loan's remaining balance, optionally creates an amortization schedules or calculate a loan payment required to reach a balance by a desired payment.
rent-vs-buy-calculatorrent vs buy calculator2526Rent vs Buy Calculator | Is it Better to Own or Rent a Home?This rent vs own calculator considers mortgage costs, rent, taxes, inflation, repairs, the home's future value and more to create printable schedules and analysis.
rental-income-calculatorrental income calculator710Rental Property Calculator | Calculate P&L ScheduleRental Property Calculator creates a printable cash flow schedule. Considers taxes, inflation, cash investment, debt, more. Before and after tax ROI calculation
retirement-age-calculatorretirement age calculator396Retirement Age Calculator with Printable Schedule & ChartThe Retirement Age Calculator considers your investment plan to answer the question, At what age can I retire? Easy to use. Free and with full support.
retirement-calculatorretirement calculator107Retirement Calculator | Comprehensive Retirement PlanningRetirement calculator answers all retirement questions including, how much do I need to retire? Optionally considers Social Security, pensions and inflation.
retirement-income-calculatorretirement income calculator400Retirement Income CalculatorRetirement Income Calculator considers your investment plan to answer the question, what will my retirement income be? Easy to use. Free and with full support.
retirement-savings-calculatorretirement savings calculator398Retirement Savings CalculatorThe Retirement Savings Calculator answers the question, How much do I need to invest to retire?. An easy-to-use retirement calculator. Free & with full support.
roi-calculatorroi calculator85Return on Investment (ROI) CalculatorThis ROI calculator (return on investment) calculates an annualized rate of return using exact dates. New: calculates adjustments required to achieve goal ROR.
rule-of-78s-loan-calculatorrule of 78s loan calculator178Rule of 78s Loan Calculator with Amortization ScheduleRule-of-78s loan calculator includes printable payment schedule with dates and subtotals. Solves for unknown payment amount, loan amount, interest rate or term.
savings-calculatorsavings calculator73Savings Calculator & Printable Periodic Savings ScheduleThis savings calculator uses an optional starting amount, dates & periodic deposits to calculate a final value. 12 frequencies including daily, weekly etc.
simple-interest-calculatorsimple interest calculator99Simple Interest Calculator | Audit Interest Paid or ReceivedThis simple interest calculator calculates the interest due between any two user selectable dates. A suitable tool for auditing purposes and legal proceedings.
SolveITSolveIT125SolveIT!™, Over 40 Financial CalculatorsSolveIT!™, over 40 financial calculators used by bankers, accountants, attorneys, investors, financial planners, real estate agents. A suite of software calculators for Windows. Since 1985.
time-value-of-money-calculatortime value of money calculator435Time Value of Money Calculator — TVM CalculatorOnline Time Value of Money Calculator solves for fv, pv, term, interest rate, payment or investment amounts, more. Adjust rates and amounts. This is not a toy!
tvm-calculatortvm calculator4197Time Value of Money CalculatorA time value of money (TVM) calculator with user-selectable dates and printable TVM schedule. Solve for of 5 unknowns PV, term, rate, cash flow amount, and FV.
ultimate-financial-calculatorultimate financial calculator476TVM Calculator [Ultimate Financial Calculator - Not a Toy!]The Ultimate Financial Calculator is a free, online, time value of money calculator that calculates FV, PV, term, rate, and amounts. Adjust dates, amounts, more
withdrawal-savings-calculatorwithdrawal savings calculator75Savings Withdrawal Calculator | How Long Will My Money Last?A withdrawal savings calculator that optionally solves for withdrawal amount, starting amount, interest rate or term. Creates a printable withdrawal schedule.

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