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Financial Calculators for Your Website or Blog.

Do you write a blog? Own a car dealership? Or are otherwise involved in financial services? Then you should consider adding one (or all!) of my financial calculators to your website. They are all easy to install. And for now, they are all free. More below...»

Loan Calculator

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If your website is built using WordPress use a "plugin". If your website is built using plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript use a "widget". It's that easy.

Note, if you have a WordPress site, and you want to install a calculator in a WordPress "widget area", you still download and use the "plugin". :-)

Plugins are fully customizable. Click on the appropriate link below for all details.

Plugins for Sites Built with WordPress

Naturally plugins come with full support. You can leave your questions at the bottom of any of the above linked pages.

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  • Mark Szymanski says:

    I tried to download and implement 4 of the WordPress calculator plugins on a website. Now, they’re not working, and I’m getting a License Expired error in the console. Are the WP plugins no longer free? Is there a limit to them?

  • Hi I would like to calculate TIF Distribution for semi annually. Could you please guide which product I have to buy.

  • Hi,

    I have put a couple of your calcs on my clients website. They are acting very strangely. Could I email you with screenshots? And a link please?


  • divya gorule says:

    how can we remove Payment Method field from plugin

    • I haven’t tried removing it. But it certainly should be doable since you have all the source code.

      However, you will need a programmer familiar with PHP or CSS.

      The first way I would try removing it is to use the custom CSS and hide it from users.

      It is beyond the scope of support that I am able to offer at this time to go into programming details for the plugins.

  • Hello, if I subscribe to all 52 calculators, can I upload them on a WordPress website?

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