Business Calculators

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These are some of the 40 plus calculators included in SolveIT!.

  • Break Even Point Analysis for Windows — calculate break-even sales point for product or business. How many units of your product must be sold to make a profit?
  • C—Value! Wizard for Windows — A loan and mortgage payoff calculator. Record payments and track balances on loans. Create custom debt or investment cash flows. Loans, payments, deposits, withdrawals and interest rate changes can be adjusted to occur on any date. Record cash flows as they happen and track balances.
  • Economic Ordering Quantity (EOQ) for Windows — what's the optimal ordering quantity?
  • Equivalent Rate for Windows — calculate equivalent interest rates
  • Interest Calculator for Windows — calculate exact day or periodic interest.
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for Windows — ROI calculation for adjustable cash flow.
  • Loan Comparison Adviser for Windows — compare two loan offers
  • Loan Matrix for Windows — multiple payments or loan amounts as interest rate and term varying along the "X" & "Y" axes.
  • MACRS Depreciation for Windows — create depreciation schedule with Section 179 Benefits calculation.
  • Markup & Discount for Windows — markup and discount calculations
  • Permutation & Combination for Windows — calculate odds
  • Refinance Adviser for Windows — determine if it is advisable to refinance a business debt.
  • Rental Analysis Schedule for Windows — create cash flow schedule for a rental property
  • Return on Investment (ROI) for Windows — absolute and annualized rate of return calculation
  • Straight Line Depreciation for Windows — creates a depreciation schedule