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Creating financial calculators since 1983.

We released our first program as shareware for the new Apple IIe to one store in March 1983. As you might have guessed, it was a loan calculator. It sold exactly zero copies.

Encouraged by such unbridled success, we decided to write a series of financial routines for the new IBM PC. These 22 routines were released in two parts in late 1984 as Finance I and Finance II. At the time, we had little money to market these two programs, so again, sales lagged. Consequently, we released them using shareware marketing in late 1985. (One disk vendor that we know of, was still distributing them as late as about 1995.) In 1987 or so, the routines were completely rewritten, combined into one program and released as SolveIT!, The Financial Calculator v2.0. The program has been updated several times and has sold 10s of thousands of copies. The New York Times in Bargains for Business called SolveIT! "Surprisingly fast." And in 1992 it was the 40th best selling shareware title out of thousands according to an independent survey of shareware disk vendors.

In 1990, we released a subset of the then 32 calculators included in SolveIT!. The new program, known as AmortizeIT!, The Complete Loan Solution included 6 calculators from the loan part of SolveIT! Its last most significant update was in 2010, and it was discontinued in 2023.

Loan*Calculator! Plus, our first program for MS Windows was released in 1995. In 1996 it was awarded a "Best-of-Category Award" from PC Computing Magazine in their July 1996 issue. Lease*Calculator! Plus was released as an upgrade to Loan*Calculator! Plus. It had 3 new calculators or advisors that were not found in Loan*Calculator! Plus. In October 2003, Lease*Calculator! Plus v2.6 was retired and replaced by AmortizeIT! v3.0.

Rapid*Address!, another free for noncommercial use program, was released in July 1998. It was retired in 2003 because it took us away from our roots of writing financial software. What it did was insert into any program address information. You simply entered a ZIP code into a pop-up window and Rapid*Address! did the rest.

Finally, in 2003, we introduced our most flexible financial calculator called C-Value! — The Cash Flow Calculator (now known as Ultimate Financial Calculator). C-Value! allowed users to structure a loan payment schedule to meet their needs. It was also capable of tracking loan payments and calculating a penny-perfect payoff amount.

Here is a reference from FindMySoftware to these programs. (Support for these programs is no longer provided.)

In 1996, we got the Web bug. Once our web site, was opened, downloads of our financial calculators increased along with sales. The Web site grew over the years. In about 1998, we published our first calculator designed to run on the web. Again, as you might have expected, it was a loan calculator.

The website(s) have been continuously updated since 1996. In 2016, the site went through a major update and it was moved to the domain Then again in 2022 we started an updated to use only modern web technologies and in in 2023 the update was ready and the calculators were moved to In May 2023, SolveIT! v7.0 was released and C-Value! v3.0 was rebranded and released as the Ultimate Financial Calculator. See subscriptions for details.

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