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  • hello! So I am not sure on how to use it. Here is the situation to solve.
    for example, I have 10.000 of savings. Let’s say anual interest is 4%. I would like to know the final amount of money I would have after 60 months, with the same anual interest but making a withdrawal of 20 every month for those 60 months. Is that possible with this calculator? Let me know please what to enter and in which cell. Please

    Best regards


    • Since you have no unknown values and you want to know the balance at the end of 60 months, just input what you told me, and click on the "Withdrawal Schedule." Enter the 10,000 in "Savings on Hand."

  • Hello! I find this calculator very helpful but it is kind of not working, I keep getting the NaN on the interest and net change column.

    • Oh, that’s not good. NaN stands for not a number. I just started to see that this past weekend and I think I know what the reason is. I should have it fixed in a week (+/-) if I’m right.

      Just in case it’s something else, can you tell me your inputs?

      What I think is happening is there’s a problem when the last withdrawal is in January (that was the issue with the Investment Calculator). If that’s the case, you can try to shift your calculation by one month in either direction. The numbers will be accurate, just off by 1 month.

    • I’m able to duplicate the problem, so I don’t need an example. For me, it works just fine if I make the dates exactly a month apart. But I will get a fix out in the next few days to a week, I hope.

      • Thanks!! Yeah well, in my case I was setting it as todays date and first withdrawal April 1st. Interest at 10% monthly withdrawals and compounding during 18 months. $10,000 savings in hand and 300 withdrawals. I hope you can fix it :).
        Oh and it didn’t calculate the amount of months asked to. It just did 2.
        Best regards

        • Nicolas, I released a fix this morning, so all should be good now.

          If you do not see the change right away, you may have to perform a hard refresh of the page:

          Depending on your operating system all you need to do is the following key combination:

          • Windows: ctrl + F5
          • Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
          • Linux: F5

          Above, from Refresh Your Cache.

          If you don’t mind, please confirm. If there are still problems, I will certainly work on them until they are resolved.

  • Hi Karl, this is amazing. Thank you!

    Are there any financial withdrawal calculators (or perhaps you will develop one) that will allow for annual Cost of Living Adjustments (eg, 2 to 4%)?

    Thanks again for this fantastic public service!

  • This is good but what about inflation?

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