Annuity Matrix Calculator

Let the calculator do the "what-ifs"
Annuity Matrix Calculator
Annuity Matrix
  • Calculate a matrix of withdrawals.
  • Interest rate steps along the x-axis
  • Term steps down the y-axis

The annuity matrix is a tool used to calculate:

  • the withdrawal amount from an annuity based on different rates-of-return and number of withdrawals
  • the starting amount (PV) for an annuity based on different interest rates and number of withdrawals

The point of a matrix calculator is that it presents multiple results at one time. This can save you from doing a series of what-if calculations.

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Some additional notes:

  • Withdrawal at: When the withdrawals start. If the first withdrawal is taken on the day the annuity originates, then select "start-of-period," otherwise select "end-of-period."
  • Compound frequency: If the compounding frequency is not specified by the annuity documentation or you don't know it, then select the same value as "withdrawal frequency."
  • Step values: By how much to increase the x-axis and y-axis values from their initial values. For example, if you've set the "initial interest rate" to 5% and if you set the "rate step value" to 0.5% then the calculator will set the second value for the interest rate (x-axis) to 5.5%.

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