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  • currently in attorney. Selling price of current home is $480,000. No mortgage. Need $180,000 for purchase of new home. Bridge loan needed for 2 months to close on new home before closing on current home. How do I fill out the chart.

    • I certainly see that I need to add more documentation for this calculator.

      The $180,000 for the new home, is that the total purchase price? Or, what’s the cost of the new home, and how much will the new mortgage be (that the value for 1st mortgage)? Do you have any cash-on-hand?

      The point of this calculator is to see if you need a bridge loan, and if you do, calculate a total payment of the new mortgage and the bridge loan.

    • You already understand that you’ll need a bridge loan. If you are not taking out a mortgage on the new home, and the bridge loan is the only loan, then this calculator is not what you need (it is for when there are two loans on the new property).

      Use this loan calculator to calculate the details and create a schedule for the bridge loan.

  • What is the average monthly interest rate for a mortgage bridge loan through a b or c lender in Canada?

  • Zenon Frencel says:

    My current house is value 850000 to 900000.Iheve no mortgage.
    New house cost 560000.I need bridge mortgage for 3 to 6 months.
    I paid downpayment 50000.Can i get bridge mortgage?
    How match this mortgage will cost

    • The calculator helps you to determine that. However, I don’t know what it will cost because I don’t know the interest rates in your area.

      Do you have a question about the calculator?

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