Financial Cash Flows & Schedules

These calculators are not toys

Online — free, nothing to download or install.

Displays and prints nicely formatted schedules & charts.

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These are some of the 40 plus calculators included in SolveIT!.

  • Amortization Schedule & APR — structure a repayment schedules. Change payments and rates. Make random extra payments. Much more.
  • Amortization Schedule (free) — produces a quick, clear loan schedule showing payments, interest, principal and balance.
  • Annuity Schedule — schedule showing regular or irregular withdrawal, interest accrued and balance.
  • C—Value! — create custom debt or investment cash flows. Loans, payments, deposits, withdrawals and interest rate changes can be adjusted to occur on any date. Record cash flows as they happen and track balances.
  • Goal Planning Adviser — plan for large, future obligations such as retirement or college. Structure both the savings cash flow as well as the withdrawal cash flow. Wizard like style.
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) — ROI calculation for adjustable cash flow.
  • Net Present Value (NPV) — evaluate the desirability of an investment which generates periodic or irregular cash flows
  • Present Value of a Series Schedule — calculate today's value of an adjustable cash flow
  • Rental Analysis Schedule — create cash flow schedule for a rental property